10 Amazing Vinegar Cleaning Hacks All Homeowners Should Know


Vinegar is basically the Swiss Army knife of fermented products. Not only does it have various medicinal and disinfectant properties, but it has a number of potent uses around the home. These range from drain cleaning, to wrinkle removal, to trashcan deodorizing, and even repelling cats from scratching up your furniture!

Whether you’re a homeowner simply wanting to keep your place in better shape, or a real estate agent that needs a quick fix before showing a house, vinegar is a definite ally to keep around!

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12 Tips to Make Moving Easier

Want to reduce the headache of moving into a new home? Follow these tips:

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A recent survey from the National Association of Realtors® revealed that 77 percent of buyers’ agents said staging a home makes it easier for potential buyers to visual it as their own. That’s why here at Breakthrough Broker, we believe staging is not to be overlooked! Here are our top tips.

  1. Dress up your yard. First impressions count, and the first one your home gives comes from the exterior. Mow the lawn, clean up shrubbery, rake any leaves, clean the walkway and driveway, plant in-season flowers, and pull up any unsightly weeds.
  2. Reduce personal items. Make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves making your house their home by removing personal photos and knick-knacks from shelves, walls, and counters. Instead replace them with clean, simple décor, such as abstract paintings, nature images, vases, plants, and more.
  3. Organize your storage areas. Storage is a huge selling point. Tidy up and clear out the accessible closets and cupboards in the home and make sure to point them out during an open house or showing.
  4. Appeal to the senses. Consider ways you can appeal to potential homebuyers’ other senses. During a viewing or open house, bake some fresh cookies or burn delicious smelling candles and play light, relaxing music in the background.
  5. Consider turning to an expert. With their knowledge of current trends and great eye for design, professionally certified stagers can transform a home in a variety of ways and have a keen sense of what homebuyers want and expect in a home. Investing in hiring a pro may pay off in dividends.

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House Hunting and Renovation TV Shows – Fun Facts and Dirty Little Secrets

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Television channels like HGTV and DIY have truly changed residential real estate for the better. Thanks to these channels, buyers and sellers today are more educated about their homes’ structures, décor, and remodeling costs. Everybody’s expectations are higher and most buyers and sellers’ creativity is too. Have you wondered about how these shows are made? What is real and what is not? Here are some fun facts.

First, for the remodeling or fix and flip shows, the remodeling budget is truly the homeowners’ remodeling budget. If the homeowners have wanted more than their budget will allow, the producers usually bring the buyers back to reality long before the remodel is started. If there is some unforeseen cost, other changes are omitted or downscaled.

The inspections are real inspections, too. When you see a show host presiding over a sewer inspection (yuk!), they are really checking it out.

The programs need true action in addition to just on-camera interviews. (Ever notice how each of these shows has at least one homeowner hitting a wall with a sledge hammer?) When you see a show host or a new owner actually doing work, they are not faking it – they are really doing the work that you are seeing. Those are real nails in those nail guns. All of the show hosts and all of the buyers get involved in at least some portion of the decorating or remodel.

Now for the dirty little secrets. Here is the big one for the house hunter shows. Although it is really fun to try and guess which house a buyer will pick, these programs are shot in reverse. That means the show is filmed after the buyers buy – and close on – their home. The other homes are “decoys” that are filmed after the transaction concludes and were never seen by the buyers during the actual search.

Ever notice how much the buyer or house remodeler couples argue and disagree? A lot of the drama on the shows is fake. Conflict, like action, makes a more interesting television show. The producers will encourage the magnification of buyers’ and sellers’ fears and dilemmas because it is believed – correctly or incorrectly – that it makes for better ratings.

And even though the host and home owners get involved in some of the work, most of the work is done off-camera by professional contractors and (sometimes) large crews. The projects can take much longer than they usually would as well; the contractor’s schedules and stages have to work with the production crew’s schedules and availability.

Nevertheless, these shows are really fun to watch, and offer lots of general education about homes and house hunting.


When you own your home, things are going to break and, unless you want to spend your money on visits from a neighborhood handyman, you’re going to need to fix them yourself. Luckily, you don’t need an arsenal of tools to handle most home maintenance fixes. These five tools will cover most of your basic projects.

  1. Cordless drill. A cordless drill is a must-have for installing cabinets, drawer pulls, hinges, picture frames, shelves and hooks, and more. Whether it’s for do-it-yourself projects or repairs, you’ll use your cordless drill just about every month.
  2. Drain cleaners. Shower and bathroom sink drains are susceptible to clogs because of the daily buildup of hair and whisker clippings. You can use chemical clog removers like Drano, but they’re expensive and the lingering chemical scent is unpleasant. Instead, buy some plastic drain cleaners that can reach into the drain to pull out the clog of hair and gunk. You can purchase them on Amazon or at a local hardware store for a low price.
  3. Shop-vac. No matter how careful you are, spills and accidents will happen and there are some tasks that just can’t be handled with paper towels or a standard vacuum, like pet messes or broken glass.
  4. Loppers. Even the minimum amount of care for your landscaping will require some loppers to remove damaged branches, vines, thick weeds, and any other unruly plants in your yard.
  5. Flashlight. You’re going to want something a little more powerful than your iPhone flashlight when you’re in the crawlspace!

6 ways to prepare now for hurricanes

Source: 6 ways to prepare now for hurricanes

eye of the storm image from outer space

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

MIAMI – June 8, 2018 – The worst thing that people who live along coastlines can do is not to prepare for tropical storms and hurricanes.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the two key factors contributing to weather safety during hurricanes are preparing in advance for the risks and to act on those preparations when alerted by emergency officials.

The director of the National Hurricane Center, Rick Knabb, and AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski, outlined certain precautionary steps that people in areas impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms should take.

1. Evacuation planning
The main reason people have to evacuate during hurricanes is from a storm surge, which is an abnormal rise of water generated by a storm’s winds that can reach heights well over 20 feet and can span hundreds of miles of coastlines, according to the National Hurricane Center.

“Evacuation planning is number one on the list,” Knabb said.

Knabb urged that people find out today if they live in a hurricane evacuation area, which is an area in which residents must leave their homes in the event of a hurricane.

Local governments provide the public with information about evacuation areas and the evacuation plans, and Knabb recommended that people review this information in advance.

“Some people will actually test the evacuation route in good weather,” Kottlowski said. “Waiting until the day of the hurricane isn’t a smart idea since everyone will be in a heightened state of anxiety.”

While people who live in storm surge areas fall within areas that are urged to evacuate during a hurricane, people who live outside of these zones should still look into safety precautions during a hurricane.

Those who live in mobile homes and high rises may also have to evacuate even if they do not live in an evacuation area, Knabb said.

“It’s not just a beach front problem,” he added.

Pet owners should also have an evacuation plan for their pets. Many shelters offer places to keep pets.

2. Buy supplies
The most important thing that both Knabb and Kottlowski stressed was buying supplies well in advance and keeping those supplies on hand should evacuation be required.

“If you wait until the hurricane is on your doorsteps, you are going to be waiting in long lines and they could even be out of the stuff you need,” Knabb said.

Those living in evacuation areas should keep a hurricane kit handy that is stored in a way that is easy to grab and bring to an evacuation shelter.

While evacuation shelters do provide supplies, Kottlowski said, “Shelters can get overrun and may not have enough supplies.”

These kits should include water, food, blankets and clothing, as well as a first aid kit, battery-powered or hand-crank radio, flashlight and batteries, whistle to signal for help and local maps.

Kottlowski said he recommends that residents have their kits bagged up in a suitcase or plastic tub.

3. Check insurance coverage
Property owners and renters should be sure to insure their homes against flooding, something that Knabb said many people do not realize is not a part of standard home and renters insurance.

Tenants and home owners can contact their renters or home insurance provider to buy flood insurance, and they should do so even if they do not live right along the coastline.

“People might think that if they don’t live on the coast, then they won’t have a flooding problem,” Knabb said. “But if it can rain, it can flood.”

Car owners should also contact auto insurance companies and move their cars into an off-site location or secured building.

“You won’t be able to take every vehicle you own to the shelter, but if you leave the vehicle outside, it could be seriously damaged,” Kottlowski said.

4. Make copies of important documents
Those living in or near hurricane areas should make copies of proof of ownership documents of any property not limited to their homes, cars and boats. These documents can be stored in the hurricane kit or in any safe location that does not risk being damaged during the hurricane.

“If a hurricane levels your house, you have to prove that it is your house,” Kottlowski said.

5. Protect your home
Residents and tenants should inspect their homes to confirm that there is no damage that a hurricane could increase. Any issues with the overall structure should be repaired, including loose shingles or damaged roofs.

“Any possible compromises to the roof or house will become an open avenue for strong and gusty winds,” Kottlowski said.

Residences with yards should also make a list of anything laying on the ground outside that could get tossed into the air and become debris during high winds.

Kottlowski also said residents should purchase supplies, including plywood to cover windows and extra security to keep doors from blowing open, in advance, to secure their homes from damaging winds.

6. Back up your electronics
Aside from keeping extra batteries and chargers around during a hurricane, people are also encouraged to backup any electronic devices.

Knabb said data should be stored at an off-site location so that data can be recovered if something were to happen to the physical computer or device during a hurricane.

Businesses should take particular caution in backing up information and sending that information to a remote site.

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You’ve most likely heard the rule: Save for a 20-percent down payment before you buy a home. The logic behind saving 20 percent is solid, as it shows that you have the financial discipline and stability to save for a long-term goal. It also helps you get favorable rates from lenders.

But there can actually be financial benefits to putting down a small down payment—as low as three percent—rather than parting with so much cash up front, even if you have the money available.


The downsides of a small down payment are pretty well known. You’ll have to pay Private Mortgage Insurance for years, and the lower your down payment, the more you’ll pay. You’ll also be offered a lesser loan amount than borrowers who have a 20-percent down payment, which will eliminate some homes from your search.


The national average for home appreciation is about five percent. The appreciation is independent from your home payment, so whether you put down 20 percent or three percent, the increase in equity is the same. If you’re looking at your home as an investment, putting down a smaller amount can lead to a higher return on investment, while also leaving more of your savings free for home repairs, upgrades, or other investment opportunities.


Of course, your home payment options aren’t binary. Most borrowers can find some common ground between the security of a traditional 20 percent and an investment-focused, small down payment. Your trusted real estate professional can provide some answers as you explore your financing options.

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Cinco de Mayo Party? Bring some Crock Pot White Queso Dip


Courtesy of thecountrycook.net

I recently attended a Cinco de Mayo Party and volunteered to bring some delicious Crock Pot White Queso Dip.  Well… I have never made this before so I did the next thing anyone would do and Googled a recipe 🙂   This one did not disappoint.  Enjoy!

Prep Time 10 min | Cook Time 2 hours | Total Time 2 hrs 10 mins

Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Servings: 10
Calories: 400 kcal
Author: Brandle @ The Country Cook


  • 2 lbs VELVEETA queso blanco cheese
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 1 4-oz can diced green chilies undraine
  • 2 tbsp diced pickled jalapenos <–optional I didn’t use these
  • 1/2 tsp taco seasoning
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder


  1.  Cut cheese into cubes then place into a  mini slow cooker.
  2. Pour in milk and add butter.
  3. Pour in can of undrained, diced green chiles.
  4. Finely chop jalapeno peppers and add to slow cooker.
  5. Add in taco seasoning and garlic powder.
  6. Give it all a gentle stir and put the lid on.
  7. Turn it on low for about 2 hours.
  8. Stir occasionally.


Or you can warm it up on high for about an hour (making sure to stir occasionally.)



You’ve got more options than ever when mattress shopping these days with no shortage of brick-and-mortar and online-only retailers to choose from. Here are the factors you should consider when you’re shopping for a perfect night’s sleep.

1. Mattress construction: The most popular mattress types are inner spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and adjustable air mattresses. Each has pros and cons when it comes to durability and comfort customization.

2. Firmness: Mattress firmness plays a huge role in the quality of your sleep. Mattresses that are too firm or too soft can cause aches and pains, so it‘s recommended that you test a mattress for 10- to 15 minutes in store before making a purchase.

3. Sleeping position: Your mattress should match your sleeping style (side, back, face-down, etc.). You want a mattress that keeps your spine in proper alignment. For example, some mattresses are better for side sleepers, while others are better for back sleepers.

4. Size: It’s not quite as simple as choosing between a king and a queen mattress. You should also consider your height, as some mattresses are a better fit for shorter people while tall people will want a longer mattress so their limbs aren’t hanging over the edge of the bed.

5. Stability: For couples, you should consider how the mattress reacts when one person moves, so the other person’s sleep isn’t disturbed in the middle of the night.

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SUPERBOWL LII – Eagles vs. Patriots 2018

The highly anticipated Justin Timberlake concert will be taking place today February 4, 2018 LIVE at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The temperature high there today is a freezing cold 6 degrees and the low will be -2 negative degrees …BRRRR!!  Of course this concert will also be accompanied by a pretty-big-deal American treasured football championship game! Eagles versus the Patriots the two NFL teams that have made it to compete for the championship at the NFLs 52nd NFL Superbowl Championship game.






I’m not the biggest sports buff, hated sports as a kid, but I have always enjoyed getting together with family and friends to enjoy the Superbowl party.  I do admit I really like  watching it for the commercials, but the game is fun to watch too.  Lets see how it goes this time!  I’m sure the game and the commercials will not disappoint.

Another thing I noticed this year is how very American this line up is.  Eagles vs. Patriots couldn’t be more American.  Two very good teams battle it out in what should be a world-class amazing game while wearing America’s MOST iconic symbols.  What a treat!

Pink will be singing the National Anthem.  She’s a spectacular vocalist and hearing our anthem always gets me choked up and sets me right into the spirit.



SUPERBOWL I – January 15, 1967 – Green Bay Packers beat Kansas City Chiefs 35-10


SUPERBOWL II – Jan 14, 1967 – Green Bay Packers beat Oakland Raiders 33-14
SUPERBOWL III – Jan 12, 1699 – New York Jets beat Baltimore Colts 16-7
SUPERBOWL IV – Jan 11, 1970 – Kansas City Chiefs beat Minnesota Vikings 23-7
SUPERBOWL V – Jan 17, 1971 – Baltimore Colts beat Dallas Cowboys 16-13
SUPERBOWL VI – Jan 16, 1972 – Dallas Cowboys beat Miami Dolphins 24-3
SUPERBOWL VII – Jan 14, 1973 – Miami Dolphins beat Washington Redskins 14-7
SUPERBOWL VIII – Jan 13, 1974 – Miami Dolphins beat Minnesota Vikings 24-7
SUPERBOWL IX – Jan 12, 1975 – Pittsburgh Steelers beat Minnesota Vikings 16-6
SUPERBOWL X – Jan 18, 1976 – Pittsburgh Steelers beat Dallas Cowboys 21-17
SUPERBOWL XI – Jan 9, 1977 – Oakland Raiders beat Minnesota Vikings 32-14
SUPERBOWL XII – Jan 15, 1978 – Dallas Cowboys beat Denver Broncos 27-10
SUPERBOWL XIII – Jan 21, 1979 – Pittsburgh Steelers beat Dallas Cowboys 35-31
SUPERBOWL XIV – Jan 20, 1980 – Pittsburgh Steelers beat Los Angeles Rams 31-19
SUPERBOWL XV – Jan 25, 1981 – Oakland Raiders beat Philadelphia Eagles 27-10
SUPERBOWL XVI – Jan 24, 1982 – San Francisco 49ers beat Cincinnati Bengals 26-21
SUPERBOWL XVII – Jan 30, 1983 – Washington Redskins beat Miami Dolphins 27-17
SUPERBOWL XVIII – Jan 22, 1984 – Los Angeles Raiders beat Washington Redskins 38-9
SUPERBOWL XIX – Jan 20, 1985 – San Francisco 49ers beat Miami Dolphins 38-16
SUPERBOWL XX – Jan 26, 1986 – Chicago Bears beat New England Patriots 46-10
SUPERBOWL XXI – Jan 25, 1987 – New York Giants beat Denver Broncos 39-20
SUPERBOWL XXII – Jan 31, 1988 – Washington Redskins beat Denver Broncos 42-10
SUPERBOWL XXIII – Jan 22, 1989 – San Francisco 49ers beat Cincinnati Bengals 20-16
SUPERBOWL XXIV – Jan 28, 1990 – San Francisco 49ers beat Denver Broncos 55-10
SUPERBOWL XXV – Jan 27, 1991 – New York Giants beat Buffalo Bills 20-19
SUPERBOWL XXVI – Jan 26, 1992 – Washington Redskins beat Buffalo Bills 37-24
SUPERBOWL XXVII – Jan 31, 1993 – Dallas Cowboys beat Buffalo Bills 52-17
SUPERBOWL XXVIII – Jan 30, 1994 – Dallas Cowboys beat Buffalo Bills 30-13
SUPERBOWL XXIV – Jan 9, 1995 – San Francisco 49ers beat San Diego Chargers 49-26
SUPERBOWL XXX – Jan 28, 1996 – Dallas Cowboys beat Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17
SUPERBOWL XXXI – Jan 26, 1997 – Green Bay Packers beat New England Patriots 35-21
SUPERBOWL XXXII – Jan 25, 1998 – Denver Broncos beat Green Bay Packers 31-24
SUPERBOWL XXXIII – Jan 31, 1999 – Denver Broncos beat Atlanta Falcons 34-19
SUPERBOWL XXXIV  – Jan 30, 2000 – St. Louis Rams beat Tennessee Titans 23-16
SUPERBOWL XXXV – Jan 28, 2001 – Baltimore Ravens beat New York Giants 34-7
SUPERBOWL XXXVI – Feb 3, 2002 – New England Patriots beat St. Louis Rams 20-17
SUPERBOWL XXXVII – Jan 26, 2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Oakland Raiders 48-21
SUPERBOWL XXXVIII – Feb 1, 2004 – New England Patriots beat Carolina Panthers 32-29
SUPERBOWL XXXIX – Feb 6, 2005 – New England Patriots beat Philadelphia Eagles 24-21
SUPERBOWL XL – Feb 5, 2006 – Pittsburgh Steelers beat Seattle Seahawks 21-10
SUPERBOWL XLI – Feb 4, 2007 – Indianapolis Colts beat Chicago Bears 29-17
SUPERBOWL XLII – Feb 3, 2008 – New York Giants beat New England Patriots 17-14
SUPERBOWL XLIII – Feb 1, 2009 – Pittsburgh Steelers beat Arizona Cardinals 27-23
SUPERBOWL XLIV – Feb 7, 2010 – New Orleans Saints beat Indianapolis Colts 31-17
SUPERBOWL XLV – Feb 6, 2011 – Green Bay Packers beat Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25
SUPERBOWL XLVI – Feb 5, 2012 – New York Giants beat New England Patriots 21-17
SUPERBOWL XLVII – Feb 3, 2013 – Baltimore Ravens beat San Francisco 49ers 34-31
SUPERBOWL XLVIII – Feb 2, 2014 – Seattle Seahawks beat Denver Broncos 43-8
SUPERBOWL XLIX – Feb 1, 2015 – New England Patriots beat Seattle Seahawks 28-24
SUPERBOWL L – Feb 7, 2016 – Denver Broncos beat Carolina Panthers 24-10
SUPERBOWL LI – Feb 5, 2017 – New England Patriots beat Atlanta Falcons 34-28
SUPERBOWL LII – Feb 4, 2018 – EAGLES VS. PATRIOTS……….. we will find out soon! 


Which of these games do you remember the most?  Which of them made you and your friends crazy? Are you in it for the game or commercials?  What’s your favorite game time snacks?

Whatever your answers are have fun and be safe today while enjoying the 2018 Justin Timberlake NFL Superbowl Football game.


Oh and if you’d like to enjoy these games without all the snow and freezing temperatures, come on down to Florida “THE Sunshine State”.  High temps today will be 75 degrees with a low of 62.  Call me and I’ll help you find a good place to hang that new 4K big screen TV with the fantastic outdoor kitchen and an entertainment spot big enough to host all your friends and family while you are outside BBQing your burgers and wings.  You might even be able to let the kids play in the pool, those are year round too.

Lets get started – I’ve heard you’ll be calling in “sick” tomorrow anyway.  I’ll be around all day waiting for your call  772-559-5524.

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